Saturday, January 1, 2000

About Me

This page is not a real post, but rather background information about me.

I am a math teacher and technology coordinator at a private school in Connecticut (link). I am a lifelong learner and love keeping pace with new research in the areas of pedagogy and curriculum design. My own teaching style emphasizes project-based learning and cognitive apprenticeship.

In my "spare" time, I learn from my Personal Learning Network and take grad classes at Teachers College. Web 2.0 is a major technological shift that has important ramifications in education. It is rare when teachers can use the same tools that students use outside of school for classwork. It is equally rare when we are only 12-24 months behind the students in terms of technical understanding. Teachers can close this gap or it can widen. By the way, Web2.0 is low-cost or free. I also have a wiki with lots of EdTech resources (link)

Teaching is a second career for me after fifteen years on Wall Street. These years taught me three important lessons:
  1. the need to work long hours and out hustle others
  2. the importance of keeping your customers happy
  3. the importance of evolving your skills and not letting them atrophy