Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thoughts about Creativity

I confess that I am more of a left-brain person and creativity is difficult for me. Nonetheless, I am continually looking to expand my creative pallet to improve my teaching and lesson plans. I stumbled upon two resources recently. The first is a video called Everything is a Remix part 3, which chronicles some of the major inventions and breath troughs. It shows that creativity and "unique" ideas can be incremental improvements upon existing ideas. I found the video interesting because it support the notion of "mashups", which is where you take digital content that already exists and re-purpose it with your own creativity. It creates an important pedagogical question - how should we teach creativity? Should it be based on traditional "creativity", which is to create something from scratch - or - should it be new "creativity", which is based on improving something that already exists? In case, you don't want to wrestle with this idea, below are 33 Ways to Stay Creative.

[1] "list" from 33 Ways to Stay Creative
[2] "thumbnail image from I didn't have enough creativity to create my own small image for the blog :-(