Sunday, March 3, 2013

Creativity as an educational strategy

I enjoy watching TED videos and the video on creativity by Sir Ken Robinson has stayed with me more so than others. I am reading Wisdom, Intelligence, and Creativity Synthesized by Robert Sternberg. Although the book was focused on creativity, it struck me that his ideas may be a good guide for educational reform. He suggests 21 ways to foster creativity as a decision:
1. redefine problem
2. question and analyze assumptions
3. do not assume that creative ideas sell themselves
4. Encourage idea generation
5. recognize that knowledge is a double-edged sword and act accordingly
6. encourage children to identify and surmount obstacles
7. encourage sensible risk-taking
8. encourage tolerance of ambiguity
9. help children build self-efficacy (belief n ability to succeed)
10. help children find what they love do to
11. teach children the importance of delaying gratification
12. role-model creativity
13. cross-fertilize ideas
14. allow time for creative thinking
15. instruct access for creativity
16. reward creativity
17. allow mistakes
18. take responsibility for both successes and failures
19. encourage creative collaboration
20. imagine things from others’ points of view
21. maximize person-environment fit

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